At Lord Krishna Institute of Science & Mathematics, we enhance and as well as polish the student skills with practical knowledge & experience.

Compared to other Institutions, we are one of the most affordable coaching & training centres in Amritsar city  with Courses to fit almost any budget.
We provide Interactive lectures with Interactive Projectors to get students actively involved into learning and, thus, develop intuit understanding of their school subjects.
Skills, Knowledge, Abilities
Skills bring confidence to face the world. If you feel you have guts to learn a skill and need guideline, just knock us, get best assistance besides you.

Lord Krishna Institute highly expertise in coaching to ICSE & CBSE students ! So you are in right place.

We offer multiple courses, expert instructors and best management of your time, effort and money. A modernized institution that take cares of every aspect of learning including exam preparation, overcoming the weaknesses & skill enhancement. Choose us to choose best outcome.

Our Advantages

Lord Krishna Institute is not just a Coaching Center, but a Holistic Institute for Learning and Development. Our vision is to build sharper students enabling them to excel in all walks of life, While Academic Excellence forms the core of everything we do. Our unique teaching pattern empowers the students with vast knowledge. We provide comprehensive training which improves, nurtures and polishes their skills. We look forward to sculpt confident and complete professionals.

Expert Faculty

Lord Krishna Institute prides itself in having expert faculty of the highest caliber. They are trained rigorously on topics within their subjects, which makes them subject experts.

Special Workshops

We provide various sessions aimed at promoting wellness techniques for memory and mind mapping and identifying inherent strengths and aptitude of each individual student.

Admission Assistance

Academic counseling by experts and counselors to guide students at various stages of the academic year is conducted. These sessions are based on feedback.